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Vestel T170 Washer&Dryer


The content of the project is a new control panel and door porthole design that will differ in appearance from the existing Vestel Laundry and Dryer aesthetics and benchmark products. The task was that the improvements and developments made in the washing machine infrastructure will have a more assertive appearance as it will be launched with this new control panel and front load door porthole.



Industrial Design



01 (13).jpg
With its distinctive form and combination of CMF,
washing machine features a unique design
dynamic and performance oriented design language, easy to use interface layout,
full touch UI and easy to read display are used to make the whole operation
direct, clear and intuitive. the ergonomic loading door combines a usability
with robust durability

performance oriented approach for any occasion


the powerful-looking, matte finish design with a detergent
pattern and chrome hot-stamping area highlights the washing machine's
performance and dynamic features

01 (18).jpg
01 (19).jpg

the design strikes a balance between

powerful and sporty DNA, underscored noticeably

by the dark grey color

01 (2).jpg

together with the color scheme and materials,

the clean lines meet the requirements of a distinctive

household appliance

01 (17).jpg

this visually striking washing machine

successfully integrates innovative technology in a

convincing manner

01 (5).jpg
01 (16).jpg
01 (11).jpg
01 (14).jpg
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