Project / Turkish Coffee Maker
Client / Personal
Product Design /2016

 Kaffa combines modern trend and tradition with a minimalist approach with Turkish coffeepot. Preserve the conical form of traditional "cezve" and allows the user to cook Turkish coffee in the place where they want without need for a fire and worrying about being near an outlet as the heater is rechargeable.

The portable and rechargeable electric heater takes the modern approach even further.

The heater heats the coffee to the boiling point and the coffee pot is taken over the heater for the best foam value.

With the application installed on the phone, you can gain a new experience in preparing Turkish coffee with automatic options such as fast cooking / embers coffee /foamy by controlling the temperature and timer settings of the heater.

The amount of charge remaining in the heater can be monitored and recharged via through the application.

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